Tiny Pictures Tuesday: GO

TPT Pokemon Go.jpg

Despite all of the terrible and disgusting acts appearing in the news on a daily basis, I’ve been finding some respite (and I think others have too) in a surprising place for the past week. I, along with what seems to be most of the population of DC, have Pokémon Go fever.

This isn’t the most hard hitting or factual piece, but I found a lot of the posts relatable. It really is nice to have a reason to spend a little extra time outside, to notice things in my own neighborhood and others that I haven’t before. I can’t help but smile when I walk past a group of strangers chatting away (usually at the multiple Lure modules that always seem to be popping off around the south end of Meridian Hill Park).

The District, overall, is a great place to become a Poké Master, with the rangers of the national mall embracing the trend. We boast a high number of monuments and statues (some of which you might walk by every day without being able to identify) but you might also find plaques and info signs in your neighborhood that you’ve never stopped to read before.

On the art side of things this was a SUPER fast TPT. I used a brush pen for the edges while the paper was still wet and I really love how the bleeds and blooms came out.


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