Whether you’re new to DC and looking for things to do and see or just looking to organize your bookmarks bar and freshen up your Instagram feed… here are a few of my favorite sites for navigating the city.

A Few Favorites

I’ll skip the news stuff, you’ve already made the Post your homepage and added City Paper and DCist. Just, make sure you keep an eye on the lifestyle sections of all three, for example you’ll want to check off all the best of 2016.

BYT Logo.png

An absolute staple for deciding what to do tonight in DC is Brightest Young Things. The site is celebrating 10 years in 2016 so there are sure to be even more great events and content than usual coming from their team. [Full disclosure, the first ever What Should We Do info graphic was published on BYT.]


For help choosing the perfect location (and outfit) for the most important meal of the day, head to Bitches Who Brunch. Their Bitchtastic Brunch Guide makes it fast and easy to find the spot that will fit your mood, appetite, and budget with minimal, hangover-accommodating, effort.

On Neighborhood Blogs

It’s important to find a good neighborhood blog (especially if your room does not have a street facing window) so that you can keep up with the happenings in your distinct area of the city. Prince of Petworth is a household name in NW and the X2 (formerly the 42) covers the area surrounding the route of the X2 bus. There are a ton of options in this category; you’ll have to do a little personalized digging. You can start at DCBlogs.


There are a ton of great Instagrams to follow for beautiful images of our fair district but I’m partial to A Creative DC (really just follow them everywhere), D/CITY, DC Summer Project, and FotoWeek DC.

A lot of local DC businesses also have beautiful Instagrams that will inspire you to get out and enjoy what the city has to offer:

Salt & Sundry (gifts, gifts for everyone!)
Typecase Industries
Room 11 (that bat wallpaper!!!)
Union Market (summer pop-ups are coming!)
Songbyrd (blowing up rn)

For the Lols

For me, nothing embodies the spirit of living and/or working in DC like DCist’s Overheard in DC column. Below is one of my all-time favorites, but I can spend hours clicking through the archives.



P.S. JUST IN CASE you’ll want to bookmark OPM, because even if you don’t work for the government there’s still a good chance your place of work being open depends on this site. Pro Tip: if that’s true, you should just download the app (maybe just in the snowy months) because you’ll get alerts and updates much sooner.


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