What Should We Do When the Metro is Closed?


Unless you live really far out in MD or VA you know that today the entire metro system is closed. Hopefully you were either able to find a ride to work, live close enough to bus, bike, or walk, or ideally got the day off (also known as “telecommuting”). So that you don’t go stir crazy, here are some ideas for things you can do without metro access.

  1. Go for a walk (is it gorgeous out or what?!)
  2. Go for a jog or bike ride (good on you for not being a lazy piece of crap)
  3. Sit outside and read a good book
  4. Sit inside and watch a bad movie
  5. Play with your cat or dog
  6. Find someone in your building who has a cat or dog and play with it
  7. Look for apartments if things have become too awkward with your neighbors
  8. Day drink (an obvious choice)
  9. Develop afternoon hangover cures
  10. Clean your room
  11. Have a dance party
  12. Hang up that pictures you’ve been meaning to hang up since you moved in
  13. Write a fan letter to your favorite artist
  14. Write a regular letter to a friend
  15. Write a love letter and send it or possibly throw it in the river of your choice
  16. Draw a tiny picture
  17. Learn about a new subject (let me suggest these little guys)

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