Okay, here’s the thing… I’m not the best at making decisions. In fact, I’m terrible at it. In actual fact, I once listed this attribute on my tinder tagline just to give fair warning that I will not be choosing what shitty bar we meet at for awkward drinks.


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And I don’t only agonize over major dilemmas like whether to take a job or what show to watch next on Netflix. I am fully capable of spending an hour deciding what to make for dinner or which shade of $2 lipstick to pick up from CVS when I really just came in for toothpaste.

Some might say that this amounts to fickleness, or call me wishy-washy, but recently I’ve learned that with a very specific combo of denial and positivity I can view this as one of my better qualities.

Because really, can you blame me? Making decisions is hard! In a city like DC, with a million different choose-your-own-adventure ways that any given night can go, what’s a gal to do? I prefer to think that I’m just fully appreciating how lucky I am. However, this is still an inconvenient way to live.

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So in the interest of improving my own decision making process, I’m here to make decisions for other people. Giving advice is easier than taking it, right? I’m going to start with the most frequently asked question of all…second only to the classically crippling problem of, “What am I going to wear?” is the perplexing, tantalizing question…

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